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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

17,462 registered foreign voters in Murcia Region

There are 17,462 registered foreign voters in Murcia and this could be an important factor in some municipalities in the region in the upcoming local and regional elections to be held on Sunday 22nd May.

Whilst the majority of those registered voters come from other EU member states (61.83 percent) as against 38.16 percent from elsewhere, within those figures the two countries with the largest numbers of their citizens registered to vote here are the UK with 5,988 registered voters and Ecuador with almost as many at 5,524 registered voters. Other countries with significant numbers of registered voters here include Romania (1,140), France (826), Germany (713) and Bolivia (575).

In some municipalities the numbers of foreign registered voters could even, it is speculated, be a significant factor ('En base a esto, es incuestionable que el voto extranjero tendrá su peso específico para el 22-M.'), for example Mazarrón (3,385), Lorca (1,358) and Totana (1,031). In fact the numbers in Murcia itself (2,705) and Cartagena (1,393) are pretty large, too, but as they are much larger cities I would imagine that the foreign registered votes there would be less significant.

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