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Friday, 1 April 2011

Innovative tourism idea in Spain: right-hand-drive car hire for British hirers

I was contacted yesterday by someone called Brad Sullivan who told me about a new service shortly to open in Spain, serving various popular airports - basically a company where British tourists may hire a car with the steering-wheel on the right, which according to the website would have the following benefits for those unfamiliar with driving on the 'wrong' side of the road:

10 Exclusive Brit Car Hire improvements:
* Speedometer in kilometers per hour
* Driven distance in miles
* Left-hand mirror marked as prioritary
* Instrument panel in English
* Small and medium cars: smaller, better calculated distances
* Reminder stickers to insist on that your lane is the right-hand lane
* Vehicle and rental documentation in English
* Insurance details in English and Spanish
* Reminder stitckers to insist on that you have to give preference to cars coming from the right
* Xenon headlights on all our vehicles specially adapted for Spain (they light up the turns to the right better and avoid blinding other drivers)

Personally I think the 'benefits' are not worth the added awkwardnesses. In general my view is that I prefer driving a car with the steering wheel on the side appropriate to the country I am driving in; this makes overtaking easier, specially on single-carriageway roads and makes paying tolls fees on toll roads much more convenient (no need to get out of the car if travelling alone to go around to pay at the toll booth). Perhaps for some people, though, this might be an attractive idea.

Now you may not have noticed the date that this article is published. I tend to think this may be relevant, don't you?

PS/ For a website supposedly written for English-speakers, there are some curious uses of English and the website registration details do make me wonder. Perhaps I am just naturally a suspicious soul.

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