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Saturday, 9 July 2011

New Mazarrón Council issues policy statements

The recently-elected coalition Council in Mazarrón has announced a series of policy initiatives and changes.

The most important is that the project to construct a crematorium in the 'urbanización El Alcolar' has been shelved, with the new Mayor Ginés Campillo announcing: "entendíamos que no era el lugar más idóneo para este tipo de negocio. Además era una demanda de los ciudadanos y hemos cumplido con ellos" (rough translation - 'we have understood that this was not the most suitable location for this type of business. There were also representatons from citizens and we have responded to them'. The Mayor indicated that although the previous administration contended that the objections from the public had been dealt with, it is not until now that the [new] administration had decided to revoke the operating licence for a crematorium at this location.

Of importance to foreign residents is that it was also announced that a translation service would be made available at the citizen's office ('Oficina al Ciudadano') at Camposol, with the aim of providing better contact with local government for residents there and in surrounding areas.

Mayor Campillo [said he] plans to appear every Friday from now on to announce decisions made during the week.

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