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Monday, 29 August 2011

New mobile telephone numbers in Spain may begin with "7" soon

Effective 1st October 2011 mobile phone operators will be able to commence supplying mobile telephone numbers beginning with "7" rather than with "6", which all mobile telephone numbers in Spain have used until now. From that date, numbers in the new range will be allocated to mobile telephone operators in blocks of 100,000.

The decision was announced in April last year, after lengthy study, to meet the likely increase in demand for mobile telephone numbers as numbers beginning with "6" will soon all have been allocated. The change will not affect existing numbers. The first mobile telephone operator to issue the new range of numbers will be Orange, which has been authorised to issue numbers between 7477 and 7478.

A separate part of the changes which will come into force for telecommunications numbering will take effect from around April next year, when 13-digit numbers beginning with 590 will become available for uses other than mobile telephones for machine-to-machine communications, for example remote services, telemetry, alarms and other similar uses, including telemedicine equipment and meters for household consumption of water, light or electricity, presumably indicating that the mechanisms are being put into place to automate the remote reading of meters for consumption of basic utilities such as water and electricity, inferring that human meter readers may become obsolete. If I have understood correctly, this will be a very major change which one imagines will be rolled-out over a period of years.

I was alerted to these imminent changes by a recent article in the blog of David Jackson, who is based in Almería, since when I have done some additional research to 'flesh out' the brief mention he made of the changes.

- Los nuevos números de teléfono móvil ya pueden empezar por 7;
- España: Orange empezará a usar números que empiezan por 7.

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