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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Corvera airport - it is announced that AENA will manage it

The latest twist in the protracted haggling over how to manage the start-up of the projected new Corvera International Airport is that AENA, the national air transport utility which currently manages the civilian operations at the nearby Murcia-San Javier airport (MJV), will take over operational management of the new facility and transfer its roughly 80 staff from MJV to it. The concessionnaire responsible for the the construction of Corvera International Airport, AEROMUR, and AENA, will be expected to agree between them what compensation AENA will receive for its investment in constructing the second runway at MJV; the two are being urged to conduct negotiations and finalise an agreement speedily. We will see ...

The agreement in principle was concluded at a meeting in Madrid between the Secretary of State for Transport (secretario de Estado de Transportes), Isaiah Táboas, and the Minister of Public Works (consejero de Obras Públicas), Antonio Sevilla. The principle appears now to have been accepted that it is not sustainable to have two civilian airports within 35 Km of each other operating in the Murcia Region. The agreement seems also to acknowledge that civilian flights at MJV will cease once Corvera International Airport becomes operational, specially as the new facility will be able to operate in theory 24 hours a day, unlike the existing MJV facility which has always had limitations on its civilian flying hours because of the the need to accommodate the needs of the Air Academy, for which it was built originally. Not to mention the strong competition offered by the relatively nearby and much larger Alicante Airport (ALC).

This seems, if it all works out as envisaged, to be much the most logical outcome. Watch this space ...

- Aena se hará cargo del nuevo aeropuerto de Corvera;
- Aena se hará cargo de la gestión del aeropuerto de Corvera y cerrará San Javier para uso civil;
- Aena se marcha de San Javier y trasladará toda su actividad al aeropuerto de Corvera;
- Sevilla: "Nosotros ponemos el mejor aeropuerto, y Aena su experiencia y personal".

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