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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Precipitate decline in traffic at Murcia-San Javier (MJV)

I've written before about the decline in traffic at Murcia-San Javier airport (MJV) in the past few years, but it seems the drop is not only continuing, but accelerating according to a report in today's La Verdad newspaper:
- in the first eight months of 2011, passenger traffic at 905,480 was 7.3% less than for the same period of 2010 (for comparison, El Altet at Alicante (ALC) saw an increase of 7.5% in its traffic over the first eight months of 2011);
- airlines have scheduled 35% fewer flight operations through MJV during October 2011 than during the same month in 2010;
- scheduled flight operations will drop even more dramatically in November 2011, with 62% fewer (at 214) than in November 2010 (573);
- on six days (9, 14, 16, 21, 23 and 28) during November 2011, only one flight is scheduled;
- on a further five days (2, 11, 24, 25 and 30) during November 2011, only two flights are scheduled.

This unfortunately ties in with my own anecdotal experience recently - I arrived here in Murcia through MJV last Wednesday afternoon and when we arrived (on EasyJet) there was only one other aeroplane on the tarmac (Ryanair); the airport and carparks, although by no means 'empty', certainly gave the impression that little was going on. As the article reminds us, however, two airlines (Ryanair and Jet2) as recently as July announced new routes for 2012 for San Javier (MJV), Manchester (MAN) and Glasgow (GLA or PIK, not sure which), whilst AENA continues to improve baggage scanning and the apron at MJV, despite the recent announcement that MJV will cease civilian flights once Corvera becomes operational. So definitive answers about what is planned for MJV seem to me to remain somewhat illusory. Perhaps what it illustrates is that the decision taken to close MJV to civilian traffic really was only taken extremely recently, perhaps after the meeting in Madrid during which 'heads were knocked together'?

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