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Friday, 9 September 2011

Two foreign artists hold exhibition at Mazarron Town Hall

An art exhibition will open today in the Town Hall in Mazarrón (Casas Consistoriales de Mazarrón) with exhibits by two foreign artists, one British and the other Dutch. See details of opening dates and times below.

Tina Watts, who is British and has been living in Mazarrón for 13 years, studied "Arts and Technology" at the University of Yeovil and Somerset College, later working for the Fleet Air Arm Museum designing exhibitions, as well as illustrations and graphics. Subsequently she worked at Standars Forms, a company dedicated to designing forms for the motor industry with clients such as Ford, Renault and Volvo. Her work focuses mainly on watercolors of landscapes and is distinguished by attention to small detail; she is now also working in acrylic. Her presentation is titled "It's in the detail".

Dutchman Ans van der Linden is an artist who has been in Murcia for over 7 years and presents his exhibition "The Colours of Light". He began painting in watercolors, but when he moved to Spain switched to acrylics and is now confident in this medium. The streets and squares of Europe are his main sources of inspiration, hence his visits to different cities such as Madrid, Cordoba and Venice, among many others. Linden also lived in the UK for seven years where he was a cover artist in "Paint", the journal of the "Society for All Artists". He says of his art: "In my pictures I used colors to represent light. I hope people find them closer to the truth of light. Painters can never reproduce sunlight as it really is. I just get closer to the truth.".

Exhibition details (place and time)

- Place: Town Hall in Mazarrón (Casas Consistoriales de Mazarrón).

- Date and Times: From Friday 9th September until Friday 7th October 2011. The exhibition opens at 8pm (20.00 hours) on Friday 9th September and will then be open for regular viewing as follows: Mondays to Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm (10.00 to 14.00), and on Thursdays and Fridays from 5-8 pm (17.00 to 20.00).

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