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Saturday, 24 September 2011

What will be the IATA code for the new Corvera Airport?

(Please see UPDATE at end)

One of the mundane little matters that will have to be decided in due course is the 3-letter IATA code for the projected new airport at Corvera, not too far from the city of Murcia. The current airport in Murcia Region, at San Javier, uses the code MJV.

Most of the available 3-letter combinations (and all of those one immediately might think of as the most suitable) have already been used - doing some research on this arcane subject has thrown up some really obscure places that I expect most us have never heard of. In any case I have come up with a couple of possible and reasonably-relevant 3-letter codes which are still available and might possibly serve the purpose once the new airport at Corvera is finally scheduled to become operational and of these only one of them is the 'obvious' one, at least to my way of thinking. Just to tantalise you, I am not going to mention here the result of my research, although I have noted it down and will be placing a modest bet with myself - the only thing I will say is that I think it will begin with the letter "O". Of course I may be completely wrong and the real result may be quite different - whatever is the code chosen will become very familiar to all of us destined to use this new airport in due course.

PS/ The harsh reality is that most of the best codes have been chosen years (often decades) ago - it's a classic case of 'first-come', 'fist-served' - for example the airport close to where my home is in Scotland has one of the best and most obvious IATA codes - the airport located at Inverness, even though it has always been called 'Dalcross' locally, because that is the name of the hamlet near this former RAF airbase, goes by the code INV. A similarly-fortuitous code, 'ALC', is used by the most 'important' airport in this part of Spain which is of course Alicante El Altet, the name of the small town near which the airport is located. I cannot believe that this topic has not at least been thought about yet by the relevant 'planning committee' - arcane it may be, but it cannot be overlooked if this new airport is ever to get off the ground.

UPDATE (16FEB2014 18.45 CET) Please see my later post dated 9th September 2013 which gives details about the IATA code (RMU) of this proposed new airport, together with links to directions for driving to and from it - click here to read the later article. Please note that this new airport remains inoperative as at February 2014, with no definite information when it may open, if ever - there is lots of speculation and 'promises' from the local authorities, but they have issued such promises so many times before that their credibility is low.

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