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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Nudist bathers in Mazarrón will have to walk or cycle to the beach in future

There are plans to close access to beach coves along about five kilometers of coastline, leading to nudist beaches near Mazarrón and Bolnuevo, to vehicular traffic from next summer. The changes are designed to prevent damage to the coastal track, in particular the damage caused by quad bikes and some types of cars and generally to protect the environment. The road closure will affect beaches between Bolnuevo and Hondón del Jodón.

Five parking areas will be created or improved at Rincón del Bolnuevo, Cueva Lobos, La Puñeta, La Grúa and Hondón. The aim is to encourage access to the beaches on foot or by bicycle, so footpaths parallel to the coast will be created between la Puñeta and el Hondón, together with two sections of bicycle path totalling 2.3 Km between Cueva Lobos and la Grúa and from el Barranco Ancho to el Hondón.

Also envisaged is an improvement in access to certain beaches by the construction of wooden steps, together with the construction of three viewing platforms equipped with furniture and information boards and located at Puntabela, Piedra Mala and La Puñeta.

Whilst Mazarrón council seems to wish to improve the tourism potential of the area by preserving its natural beauty, it seems to be recognised that these are somewhat contradictory aims and that the changes may encourage increased numbers of bathers to these beaches, which seems not to be the main objective, rather it is to prevent damage to tracks, specially by quad bikes. However, no doubt determined nude bathers will still flock to these picturesque and isolated coves. However, I wonder if not having one's vehicle within line of site whilst on the beach may make many fear an increased risk of theft from vehicles left unattended for several hours, not a negligible risk in my view.

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