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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Plaza del Convento in Mazarrón to be refurbished for pre-Christmas festivities

The Plaza del Convento in Mazarrón, the location of the former covered market (which was demolished about nine months ago) is to be refurbished prior to the pre-Christmas festivities which will take place toward the end of November. The works will involve the creation of 190 parking spaces and the installation of new lighting and has a budget of €55,000-, with the work being awarded to local firm Reciclados de Mazarron S.L.U. (formerly Sagaelectric SL - line 166944). The work is expected to take 20 days to complete, so that it is ready for the end of next month, so presumably work will begin quite soon.

Planning Councillor and Deputy Mayor Francisco Garcia, announcing the works, said that the refurbished site will have a tent erected and will host for the first time various festivities formerly held at the fairground site, such as the election of the queens and various concerts (elección de las reinas y conciertos); during this period the parking spaces at the Plaza del Convento will be much restricted.

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