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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mazarrón shooting Sunday night - the investigation continues

(Please see UPDATES at end)

Further to my article yesterday morning (see here) it seems that the name of the person originally mentioned as having been killed by a shot to the chest was incorrect; articles I have seen this morning (see further down) now identify him as Manuel Aguilar (one new article identifies him more fully as Manuel Vicente Aguilar Dávila), and the article I linked to yesterday has now been amended in its first paragraph, although the original name has not been amended in the third paragraph, presumably an oversight.

The reports are still somewhat contradictory, with some mentioning that the dead man of 37, Manuel Vicente Aguilar Dávila, is of Ecuadorian nationality, with a few others mentioning he was Bolivian.

Some of the latest reports now identify the Spanish youth seriously injured with a gunshot wound to the head as being Adrián AG, a 16-year old who was apparently out in a nearby garden square taking his dog for a walk, something neighbours mention he did most evenings at around the same time. He is reported as still being in a very critical condition, "hovering between life and death" according to one report. It seems he was found about 400 metres from the fatal shooting victim only about an hour after the dead man was found, perhaps adding to the gravity of his injuries; he is now in the emergency room of the Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital in Murcia.

Finally, the alleged perpetrator was arrested after a search lasting about four hours and is now in custody. The Guardia Civil have not released his identity, although it seems he is a Spanish national of about 40 years old and a resident of Tarragona, having registered at an hotel in Mazarrón, along with a female companion of about 35 years old, earlier on the evening of the shooting. It seems the weapon this man is alleged to have used has not yet been located.

- Investigan si el presunto autor del crimen de Mazarrón llegó a la ciudad para ajustar cuentas (la Verdad)
- La viuda afirma que su pareja "no tenía problemas con nadie" (la Verdad)
- Los mazarroneros reconocen sentir "miedo e inseguridad" tras el suceso (la Verdad)
- El presunto autor del tiroteo en Mazarrón (Murcia) tiene domicilio en Tarragona (TeleCinco)

UPDATE (Wednesday 16NOV2011 08.10 GMT) It is now being reported that the alleged perpetrator has a criminal record and was serving a prison sentence, but it is not clear yet whether he is an escaped convict or whether he had been released on licence. Investigators are now tending to the view that the young man who is critically-ill was shot by accident and the Ecuadorian who was killed may also have been shot without any special motive, although they speculate the attack may have occurred in order to steal his mobile telephone, but nothing is certain yet and investigators remain open-minded. The murder weapon has now been found, but it is thought there may be another weapon which has not yet been found. In another development, the Town Council of Mazarrón has declared two days official mourning for the murdered Ecuadorian national, Manuel Vicente Aguilar Dávila, for today 16th November and tomorrow 17th November; flags will be flown at half-staff and will bear a black ribbon. Also announced is the suspension of the reading of the "Nueve declaraciones del Milagro" ("Nine statements of the Miracle"), although the Mass scheduled for 12.00 noon tomorrow will go ahead (at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception [Santuario de La Purísima]) as will the Mass at 7pm (19.00) at the same location, followed by the usual procession through the streets of Mazarrón and visiting the parishes of San Andrés and San Antonio.

2nd UPDATE (Thursday 17NOV2011 07.44 GMT) The 16-year old has now died of the gunshot wound to his head and the alleged perpetrator has now been remanded in custody for what is now a double-murder and various other suspected serious crimes - read more here.

3rd UPDATE (Monday 28NOV2011 09.11 GMT) It is being reported that the female companion, with whom the alleged murderer registered at an hotel in Mazarrón earlier on the evening of the murders, has now been detained in Barcelona and has been named as "Mar S." - apparently she was the man's girlfriend and had met him in the prison where she was a drawing teacher. The two fled together and have been touring Spain since then using various cars with false number-plates.

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