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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mazarrón youth in Sunday's shooting has now died

(Please see UPDATES at end)

The 16-year old Mazarrón youth, now named as Adrián Adame Gallego, who was critically injured with a head-shot wound in the shooting incidents last Sunday night, died yesterday morning.

The alleged murderer was arraigned before the court in Totana yesterday and charged with what is now a double-murder and has been remanded in custody and is being sent for psychiatric reports to evaluate his mental health. He has also been accused of various other serious crimes including forgery (of passports), illegal possession of weapons (he is believed to have had at least two pistols) and of escaping from a prison in Catalonia in May, taking advantage of a [temporary?] permit. The accused denies any connection with Sunday's crimes, but the evidence is mounting against him as apparently the man has a string of convictions for crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation and because two guns were found in his possession, together with a large sum of cash, leading to fears he may have been involved in a recent bank robbery - videos of recent incidents of this kind are now being scrutinised. Also discovered in his hotel room was a quantity of cocaine and whisky, together with evidence he had been using the drug, so it is now speculated he may have been severely affected by the drug when he left the hotel later in the evening and allegedly committed the crimes.

The police have so far failed to find any connection between the accused and the murdered Ecuadorian national, Manuel Vicente Aguilar Dávila, so both murder victims are regarded as probably the victims of circumstance.

The police are still trying to find the woman who registered with the accused at the hotel on Sunday evening, said to be about 35 years old and a blonde. One theory is that this person was a prostitute hired for the night.

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UPDATE (Sunday 20NOV2011 10.25 GMT) The alleged killer's name has now been revealed publicly to be Jorge Agustín Sánchez, alias 'Mauricio', and his photograph appears in this report, along with a graphic reconstruction of how the crimes are thought to have taken place.

2nd UPDATE (Monday 28NOV2011 09.11 GMT) It is being reported that the female companion, with whom the alleged murderer registered at an hotel in Mazarrón earlier on the evening of the murders, has now been detained in Barcelona and has been named as "Mar S." - apparently she was the man's girlfriend and had met him in the prison where she was a drawing teacher. The two fled together and have been touring Spain since then using various cars with false number-plates.

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