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Monday, 7 November 2011

Public Holidays for 2012 in the Mazarrón area of Murcia

I have prepared a full list of National, Regional and Local public holidays for 2012 applicable in the Mazarrón area of Murcia Region. You can download the list (which is in .pdf format) here. The list also shows local public holidays in a number of towns across the Murcia Region which I consider most useful for those in the Mazarrón area.

If you wish to have details of Public Holidays in towns across Murcia Region which I do not show in my list, or of Public Holidays in other parts of Spain, you will find links to the relevant official publications of the Murcia Region and Spanish governments in the 'Public Holidays' section of my Spanish website's Links page - click here to go directly to the 'Public Holidays' section.

PS/ If you still find it useful to have details of the remaining Public Holidays for the rest of the current year, 2011, please click here.

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