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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Spanish General Election - 20th November 2011

Spaniards have been voting today in their General Election and whilst I rarely make any comment here about Spanish politics I am still interested in what is happening. According to the forecasts, the current PSOE government is likely to be flung out on its ear to be replaced by the PP, broadly-equivalent to Labour and Conservative in the UK, the current two-term PSOE government suffering as a result of the current dangerous economic situation and the high levels of unemployment in Spain, by far the highest in the EU; rates of unemployment for younger Spaniards are in particular gruesomely high.

I happened to notice in another Spanish blog I follow (South of Watford) that Graeme, who lives in Madrid, has found a very useful widget in the El País website which will be displaying the results of today's election as they come in later tonight; for the moment it continues to show the results of the last election in 2008. In any case I am quite shamelessly borrowing it from Graeme:

UPDATE (20.12 GMT) Exit polls indicate a landslide for the PP, as forecast in the polls. Let's hope Rajoy has got his 'ducks in a row' to start tackling Spain's enormous problems - from what I have been reading of late, his Galician origins indicate that he will be 'speaking softly, but carrying a big stick', which is probably what is needed at this stage. Hopefully the markets will give him a brief settling-in period. At least this change of government has a sound democratic basis, unlike the recent oustings in Greece and Italy; I don't think the so-called "Groupe de Francfort" will be able to thwart the will of the Spanish people and hopefully will realise they would be mad to try, even if the change in Italy seems to have the overwhelming support of the Italian people, however unorthodox the change has been there.

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