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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Corvera Airport - new video of almost completed facility

(Please see UPDATE at end)

La Verdad newspaper has published a short video-clip in its online version showing the almost-completed new international airport at Murcia-Corvera:

- the article in La Verdad can be found here. According to this and other articles I have read today, Iberdrola have now completed electrical installations at the new facility. According to local sources (Regional Government and the airport developer) all that remains is now up to the central government and the finalisation of the agreement necessary for the running of the airport between Aeromur (the delevoper) and AENA (the national body which will manage it). It is hoped that testing will begin during the first quarter of 2012. The developers are adamant that the recent closures of two other new privately-developed airports at Ciudad Real and Castellón will not affect the viability of Murcia-Corvera and one must hope they are correct and that earlier hopes of commencing commercial flights before the end of 2012 will be fulfilled.

UPDATE (Monday 2APR2012 21.00 CET) The Murcia Government has announced the new Corvera airport will not be open for the summer 2012 season. They suggest it could still have a soft-opening over the winter 2012-2013 season, but that the earliest it could be more fully operational will be summer 2013, as there are apparently many technical issues that still require to be resolved. Don't hold your breath, is my advice! See my later article here.

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