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Friday, 2 December 2011

Road-widening land expropriations Mazarrón to el Puerto in 2012 budget

The Murcia Region government has announced its draft budget for 2012 and amongst many other planned initiatives (for example relating to Lorca in the wake of last year's earthquake and the commissioning of the new Murcia International Airport at Corvera) it is mentioned that within the planned expenditure of about €73mio on road infrastructure is included the first stage of land expropriations which will be required to widen the highway between Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón, which it is planned to transform into a dual-carriageway; there is no indication yet (that I can see) of the precise extent of land expropriations required nor of the exact route, which one imagines will probably follow for at least a part of its distance the existing single-carriageway highway.

- Obras Públicas centra su inversión en conservar red de carreteras regionales y destina 17 millones a Lorca;
- Lorca recibirá 17 millones extra para obras públicas;
- Cruz impulsará la promoción para atraer al doble de extranjeros;
- La Comunidad licitará cinco puertos deportivos en 2012.

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