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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Large hashish bust off Puerto de Mazarrón

(Please see UPDATE at end)

The Guardia Civil have seized a large quantity of hashish aboard a speedboat off the coast near Puerto de Mazarrón, crewed by two young men. 80(*) bales of hashish were found and although the weight has not been fully established yet, it is thought it could far exceed 2,000(*) kilos. The two young men are being held by the Guardia Civil in their Puerto de Mazarrón station, preparatory to being brought before the court in Totana; their identities have not been revealed. It is not yet established whether the consignment was brought direct from North Africa, probably Morocco, or whether it was transferred from a larger vessel offshore to the speedboat.

UPDATE (Friday 27JAN2012 08.10 GMT)
(*) - A later report has amended these details to "18 bales" and the total weight of hashish at 2,628 kilos. The two accused are of Spanish origin, residents of Almería and aged 39 (M.C.C.) and 38 (F.M.C.) years respectively; one is reported to have previous convictions for similar offences.

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