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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Frost badly affecting agriculture in Murcia Region

Agricultural output in the countryside around Lorca, Cartagena, Águilas, Almería (Pulpí) and Mazarrón is being badly affected by cold and frost:

The problem has been growing for the past week and is likely to continue for some time. The Murcia Region is the major producing area for vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli and artichokes; of the 584,018 tons of various kinds of lettuce exported in 2010, 432,462 tons came from Murcia Region. By far the largest markets in 2010 were Germany and the UK, which imported 386,635 tons and 177,458 tons of lettuce respectively. The 55 groups of companies in the region which together form Proexport ("The Association of Producers-Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables in the Region of Murcia") employ over 25,000 directly and are resonsible for in excess of 70 per cent of production and export of these categories of products, so the recent weather may have a serious knock-on effect on the economy in weeks and months to come.

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