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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mazarron police crackdown on illegal taxis

Local police in Mazarron have charged eight people, amongst whom are persons of British and Moroccan nationality, for operating illegal taxi services on behalf of persons of the same nationality, or in some cases those of different nationalities.

Routes mentioned in the report include the transport of people to/from Alicante Airport for a price of 80 Euros, also routes within the municipality or between Mazarron and Puerto de Mazarron, for which the prices were said to be 8 to 10 Euros for longer trips and 4 to 5 Euros between the two major parts of the municipality.

Undercover agents were used to entrap the illegal operators as well as unmarked cars to track their movements.

One foreign registered vehicle incurred a fine of 1,501 Euros for its release, whilst the other 7 vehicles, all with Spanish number plates, incurred fines of 450 Euros.

Please bear this in mind should you be considering hiring an illegal taxi operator for your evening excursions into Mazarron/Puerto or to/from Alicante airport.

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