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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Corvera Airport obtains Ministry of Finance approval as a Customs area

The Ministry of Finance (El ministerio de Hacienda) has granted approval to the future Corvera International Airport to "enable a customs area in the new international airport in Murcia" ("habilitar un recinto aduanero en el nuevo aeropuerto internacional de la Región de Murcia"); according to the linked source this approval has now been published in the Official Gazette of Spain (Boletín Oficial del Estado).

As for the approval for an air corridor for the new airport, the linked source has this to say:
'The Autonomous Community also has the approval of the Ministry of Defence for the opening of an air corridor to be used by aircraft to access Corvera, but it is thought that official permission has not yet been given, pending the Autumn, which means that opening will be delayed until next season, starting in late October.' ('La Comunidad Autónoma cuenta también con el visto bueno del ministerio de Defensa a la apertura del pasillo aéreo que utilizarán los aviones para acceder a Corvera, pero da por hecho que los permisos oficiales que tiene pendientes todavía no llegarán antes del otoño, lo que supone que la apertura se retrasará hasta la próxima temporada , que se iniciará a finales de octubre.')
- make of that what you will.

The Murcia Region government had already contracted with training firms late last year for the training of 330 future employees at the new airport terminal, but in view of the anticipated delay in the opening of the new airport these training efforts have been postponed and the linked source does not indicate when these are now expected to commence. Apparently there are ongoing negotiations between Aeromur (the developer of the new aiport) and AENA (the state-run organisation which is to operate it) over the transfer of staff from the existing airport at Murcia-San Javier (MJV). Compensation for the construction of the new second runway there is also still under negotiation.

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