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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spanish Prime Minister casts doubt on new airports and motorways

Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain (Presidente del Gobierno) in a speech yesterday said that he questions the wisdom of opening new motorways, airports, etc. Although his remarks were not directed at any specific project, in a speech to the national executive committee of his political party (Partido Popular) he is quoted as saying: "Now is not the time for pavilions, or highways, or airports, or other things" ("Ahora no es el momento ni de pabellones, ni de autopistas, ni de aeropuertos, ni de otras cosas"), which inevitably heightens the doubts about whether the new Corvera International Airport can ever open, at a time when the need is to have the commitment of the whole of Spain, including its autonomous communities and municipalities as well as the national government, to take steps to reduce debt and not seek to make further public investments and to 'tidy up' the accounts, also to 'eliminate duplication'. Given that the Government (of Spain) has affirmed on several occasions that it supports the new facility at Corvera, one assumes that the 'duplication' to be eliminated in this respect in Murcia Region relates to Murcia-San Javier Airport (MJV). One awaits developments on the ground with interest to see what happens in reality over the course of the coming year(s)!

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