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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mazarrón town hall "Consistory" hosts Salvador Dalí exhibition

(Please see UPDATE at end)

From last Friday and until the end of June, the 'Consistory' of Mazarrón will be hosting an exhibition of works by Catalan artist Salvador Dalí, an opportunity to see some of his works not to be missed. The exhibition includes 41 of his bronze sculptures, mostly of small size, but the entrance hall is dominated by his large work entitled "Gemini".

The exhibition has been mounted as part of the celebrations this year to commemorate the 440th anniversary of the granting of town status to Almazarrón, which I wrote about in early March here.

Dali desembarca en Mazarrón de la mano del privilegio

UPDATE (Friday 18MAY2012 15.52 CET+1) I visited the exhibition myself yesterday morning and was quite impressed - I had only seen photographs of Salvador Dalí's work previously. The exhibition is laid out over two floors - two rooms on the ground floor off the main foyer, where the large work referred to above is displayed, and the top (second) floor.

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