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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Implementation of 'share' buttons in this blog

Please note: This blog article has got nothing whatsoever to do with Spain, it is about the way this blog works 'behind the scenes' - if such technical programming matters are of no interest to you, then please feel free to stop reading it now.

I have been trying for a few months to implement 'share' buttons in this blog. Implementation of these buttons in my other [main] blog was very straightforward - the simple addition of a 'widget' to the layout template did the trick, but the same seemingly simple procedure for this blog just did not seem to work.

Eventually I discovered this very helpful article on Official Sharing Buttons on Blogger - and by adding various bits of code, as described there, as well as replacing a very significant block of code with the quite large block of code detailed there, eventually managed to get the desired buttons to appear - I am very grateful to whoever wrote this very useful article. What is curious, though, is that I designed the templates for both my blogs at roughly the same time (about 3 or so years ago, so far as I can recall), although I did do the redesign of the template for the "casabill" blog before I did the redesign of "Bill's Comment Page" and did not think I had made any significant changes between the two exercises, but perhaps my learning experience on the earlier redesign had flowed through to the way I did the second redesign as there are a small number of other minor differences between the behaviour of the two templates that I have been aware of for some time, but because they are insignificant had never bothered until now to start looking into the detailed coding. I should add that one of the interests for me of blogging, in general, is trying to understand the programming code which makes the whole thing work - prior to the major redesign of my blog templates 3 or so years ago, mentioned above, the template coding was much more straightforward and I could understand, and manipulate at will, 99% of the code, but changes within the way the Blogger host (part of the Google group) handles blogs made the earlier templates very slow to load and effectively had become obsolete, so I was obliged to do the major redesign - the price is that much of it is written in a programming language with which I am much less familiar so it involved me in a very considerable effort to modify the basic templates to make them conform to my own design norms for my two blogs - it is only when one has to do this kind of exercise that one can begin to learn to understand what makes a blog work 'behind the scenes, so I regard these efforts as both quite difficult and very rewarding intellectually.

Sorry I have rambled on at such length - in summary the 'share' buttons now function in both blogs the way I want them to.

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