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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Murcia Region obtains record number of 'Blue Flag' beach awards

Murcia Region has just achieved a record number of 'Blue Flag' classifications for its beaches this year, with 26 beaches achieving the award, 14 higher than last year. For Mazarrón there are 4, namely Alamillo, El Puerto, Bahía and Nares .

Throughout the whole of Spain 638 Blue Flags have been awarded, of which 540 are for beaches and 98 for marinas. Spain comes top out of the 51 territories and 46 states participating in the northern hemisphere. Nationally the result is 35 higher than last year (29 for beaches and 6 for marinas) and Murcia Region tops the list of gainers, followed by Galicia, Andalucía and the Canaries. The biggest loser is the Balearics, with a loss of 17, mainly caused by the difficulty of having 2 lifeguards on duty.

- La Opinión de Murcia
- La Verdad

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