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Thursday, 5 July 2012

"New co-payment scheme for Spanish medical prescriptions"

(Please see UPDATE at end)

The cost of being ill in Spain, or requiring regular medication, is going up from 1st July this year. Read more here.

This follows on from reports I read a few weeks ago that pharmacies in the Balearic Islands are having to charge full price up-front for all medications they dispense, with customers being told to claim back reimbursement subsequently from the state medical service. This is because of a large amount of unpaid bills for drugs dispensed previously which have not been reimbursed by the state medical service and pharmacies can no longer afford to go on covering these deficits.

UPDATE (Tuesday 17JUL2012 20.50 BST) Iberosphere has an update on how the new co-payment scheme for medicines is to work; it seems to be quite complex and requiring or many photocopies of various documents; the post relates specifically to the Valencia region so the details may be different in other parts of Spain.

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