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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mazarrón hotel occupancy around 90% first half August

According to preliminary figures released by the Concejalía de Turismo del Ayuntamiento de Mazarrón ('Mazarron Department of Tourism') hotel occupancy rates for the first half of August are around 90 per cent, with in some cases occupancy having reached 100 per cent, well up on July when average occupancy was around 60 per cent, itself helped by the regular programme of celebrations surrounding the 440th anniversary of the incorporation of Mazarrón as a city in 1572, although bookings for the remainder of August are somewhat lower than in previous years.

Most campsites are fully occupied at present and Tourist Office staff have noticed a higher proportion of non-Spanish visitors, particularly amongst French nationals, thought to be due to the lower or static prices over the past three years. All of this has helped to maintain employment levels, which the mayor describes as "pretty good" (my comment - although much of it undoubtedly of a very temporary nature to cope with the tourist influx).

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