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Friday, 31 August 2012

"Mummified" human cadaver found by British hiker near Isla Plana

A British tourist, hiking in the hills near Isla Plana, not far from Mazarrón (a popular area for hiking known as 'el Cabezo del Horno'), has discovered a human cadaver in an advanced state of decomposition and reported the matter to the Guardia Civil.

Yesterday judicial police of the Guardia Civil from Cartagena were scouring the area inch by inch for evidence. Initial findings are that the body may have lain there for several months unnoticed, despite being found in an area (the 'la rambla de Valdelentisco') used regularly by hill-walkers, and that it shows signs of violence as well as being missing a foot and part of the arm on the right side of the body. The body appears to have been 'burnt' by the sun, is without hair and in effect is almost 'mummified' and although it is not yet forensically proven it is believed to be the body of a man. The signs of violence seem to indicate several blows, as if the person may have been subjected to a beating. Samples taken from the body have been sent to the National Institute of Toxicology ('Instituto Nacional de Toxicología') to try and ascertain formally the gender and age of the body. Other lines of inquiry are to try and see whether the body may correspond to anyone on lists of persons notified as missing or whether the apparent blows on the body may have resulted from a fall.

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