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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Extreme optimism (not to say 'fantasy'!) about the projected Paramount Murcia theme park

I do hate to pour cold water on what Murcia Region Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, has to say about the prospects for the projected Paramount theme park to be built near Alhama de Murcia, which he says will begin construction on or around 15th January 2013, but the idea that when the construction does commence (... if it does) that investment to fund it will appear, as if my magic, is just the most bald-faced 'puffery'. Mind you, I hope his forecasts do turn out to happen in real life, not just in his seemingly very fertile imagination, but I will probably not be holding my breath, meantime ...

It will be recalled that the ceremony for the laying of the foundations of this project was held in June 2012. I deliberately did not write about this here at the time, because it seemed to me to be just [another] publicity stunt by the promoter of this project.

The only reason I am writing this article here now is as a 'marker' so that sometime next year, or in 2014, one can look back in the light of what has actually happened and compare it with what was being forecast so optimistically by Sr Pedro Alberto Cruz and Sr Jesus Samper (the promoter) now and indeed last June when they participated in the foundation-laying ceremony. With a bit of luck I will be called upon to eat humble pie, given my extreme scepticism then and now.

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Baez Fan said...

Hope this is kosha, Bill! Could be our escape route!