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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Possible changes to vehicle testing rules in Spain, also traffic fine procedures for foreign-registered vehicles

Apparently the Government is considering changes to motor vehicle testing rules in Spain. The scope of the changes has not yet been approved, nor has a date been fixed for this, but it is expected to be 'soon'.

Another change I have read about is that the Spanish authorities are actively looking at ways of levying traffic offence fines on foreign registered vehicles more easily, to reduce the ease with which such vehicles being driven on Spanish roads can avoid paying fines.

The proposals being considered:
- first ITV/MOT at 4 years (as at present)
- next ITV/MOT at 6 years then annually (instead of at 10 years)
- any vehicle involved in a serious accident will have to pass an ITV/MOT

The aim is to encourage a renewal of the Spanish car fleet by encouraging sales of new vehicles, apparently one of the oldest in Europe.

Source (re ITV/MOT) - here
Source (re traffic fines for foreign-registered vehicles) - here

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