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Sunday, 27 January 2013

News about navigability on the A7 and AP7 in Murcia Region

I have just come across an article about navigability on the A7 and the AP-7 in Murcia region, in the wake of the damage caused by the rainstorms in September 2012.

The linked article, from La Verdad, is dated 14th January 2013 and in summary reports that:
- On the A7, the bridge across the Rambla de Béjar, between Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras, was scheduled to re-open to traffic on 15th January 2013; this was one of the most badly-damaged sections of the road affected by the storms last September;
- On the AP-7, it is announced that the bridge on the Cartagena-Vera sector in the direction of Cartagena is expected to re-open later in January 2013, whereas the bridge in the direction of Vera should open in the first half of February.

If you are planning to travel on either of these routes in the near-ish future, it may be wise to verify their viability by checking in the Spanish 'Google' website ( - the search term I used this evening was "AP7 cartagena vera" - obviously the search results will be to articles in Spanish and you may need to make use of 'Google Translate' if you are not able to read Spanish easily.

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