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Friday, 11 January 2013

Toll motorway charges in Spain for 2013

(Please see UPDATE at the end)

It's that time of year again when toll motorway charges in Spain are normally increased. Quite what the authorities think they are playing at carrying on increasing toll charges just as usual when the country is going through a pretty dramatic economic retrenchment is anyone's guess, but no doubt the Spanish government knows its own business (or at least I hope it does). Of course the motorway infrastructure needs to be maintained, even at a minimal level and I suppose it is a balance between accepting the possibility of reduced toll motorway usage (at least on some routes), hence presumably less wear and tear, even if the normal damage caused by annual temperature changes, rain and snow etc will happen anyway whatever the usage is. Perhaps the worry is that holding the tariffs static for several years, or even reducing them significantly to boost usage, would only result in higher repair costs which the country can ill-afford. In any case, we are where we are and the tariffs have increased [yet] again, just as if everything is 'hunky-dory' with the economy.

For the toll motorway in the part of the country that concerns me most directly, the AP-7 between Cartagena and Vera, the tariff has increased by roughly 5.5% since January 2012, although there was an interim increment of about 2.8% in September 2012 as a result of the general increase in TVA in Spain then, with the remainder of the increase now. In concrete terms this means that the tariff for the sector from Cartagena to Mazarrón was €5.40 in January 2012, rose to €5.55 in September 2012 and as from January 2013 it is €5.70.

You can download the 2013 tariffs for many of the toll motorways in Spain, or at least those which now depend directly upon government financial assistance for their continuing ability to operate, including the AP-7 Cartagena-Vera sector, in the Ministry of Development (Ministerio de Fomento) website here (all the files available there are in .pdf format).

You can also download the 2013 tariff for the AP-7 Cartagena-Vera sector from the Aucosta website (the concessionaire for this route) here - click on "Peajes y Tarifas", then then "Tarifas" and finally "Cuadro tarifas peaje 2013" to see the relevant .pdf document. Or you can visit various pages in my own Spanish website (click on "Location") to see toll fees for selected segments (for example here, here and here) in a more readily-accessible format.

UPDATE: (Saturday 18th January 2014) If you are looking for information about motorway tariffs in Spain for 2014, I have written a later article on 5th January 2014 (click here) with the relevant information.

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