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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mazarrón to reduce cadastral values next year plus other Council decisions

In a full meeting held on 26th February, Mazarrón council unanimously voted to approve a request to the Dirección General de Catastro ('Central Real Property Valuation Directorate') to reduce cadastral values in the municipality by 0.73 per cent of the 2013 co-efficients. If approved, this would result in a reduction of the local Property Tax (IBI - Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles) in 2014.

Unanimous approval was also given for a proposal to change a street name from "Iñaki Urdangarín" (see * at end) to "Ginés Navarro Martínez" to commemorate and honour a local businessman and politician.

Also approved, but only with those in the governing team voting in favour, was a Municipal Ordinance Regulating the Handling of planning permission. The councillor for Infrastructure and Planning, Francisco García, explained the purpose thus: "una vez presentado el plazo de alegaciones correspondiente, procedemos a la aprobación de esta ordenanza destinada a mejorar el servicio que se presta a los ciudadanos en materia urbanística desde el consistorio. Dicha ordenanza permitirá a los ciudadanos que sus trámites administrativos sean más ágiles" ("once presented with relevant data, we will proceed to adopt this ordinance to improve the service provided to citizens when registering property matters with the Town Hall. This ordinance will allow citizens to carry out their administrative obligations more easily."). My comment - it remains to be seen what will be the practical effect of the new municipal ordnance.

Finally, in an unanimous vote, the council rejected proposals to privatise the Tabilla (water transport network). The councillor for the Environment (Medio Ambiente), David Fernández, stated: "siempre ha funcionado bien y cuya posible privatización repercutiría, sin lugar a dudas, en una subida del recibo del agua que no podemos permitir" ('[the present system has] always worked well and a possible privatization would result, certainly, in a rise in water bills that we cannot afford').

Source:ón here.

* - this is the Duke of Palma, the son-in-law of the Spanish King and who is currently under investigation for financial irregularities.

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