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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Galicia está de luto / Galicia is in mourning

Late yesterday afternoon there was an horrific train accident in the north-west of Spain in the Galicia region, very close to the city of Santiago de Compostela

España y Galicia están de luto / Spain and Galicia are in mourning

- the number of fatalities is so far estimated at about 80, with 178 injured; of the injured, 94 have been admitted to hospital with 35 in a critical condition and as a result it is anticipated, unfortunately, that the number of fatalities may rise.

This is a track-side recording of the seconds prior to and following the derailment:

It is estimated at present that the train entered a sharp curve at a speed of about 190 Km/h, whereas the speed-limit for that section of track is 80 Km/h. The precise reasons for why this happened are not yet known (and the 'black box' is yet to be recovered and analysed), but one of the two drivers has so far been held in custody in hospital. Obviously I have no idea what happened, but hope that this disaster will be investigated fully and the [perhaps] easy option of blaming one of the drivers will be tested exhaustively before the investigation reaches its final conclusions.

News report sources:
- El maquinista del tren entró en la curva a 190 kilómetros en un tramo limitado a 80
- 80 muertos al descarillar un tren Alvia a casi 200 por hora en Santiago
- Spain Train Crash: Driver Held In Hospital
- Spain train crash: 'No words for what I saw'

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