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Friday, 9 August 2013

Large fines imposed on car hire firms operating a cartel

Fines totalling €35 millions have been imposed on 17 car hire/rental companies found to have been operating an illegal cartel to fix prices and impose standard and onerous rental conditions on hirers. Six of the firms are based in the Alicante area, with the largest fines being imposed on:
Goldcar - €15,456,219
Centauro - €5,567,940
Record-Go - €4,871,400
Automotivecars Malaga - €2,986,326
Avis - €1,469,907
Victoria - €1,065,562
Sol Mar - €791,958
(See full list in the 'Esto es jauja!' blog - see 'English' link below)

In Spanish:
- La CNC multa con 35 millones a 17 empresas de alquiler de coches;
- Multa millonaria a 6 empresas alicantinas de alquiler de coches por pactar precios.
In English:
- Car rental cartel - busted (this is an article in the 'Esto es jauja!' blog)

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