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Monday, 19 August 2013

Two "whistle-blowers" suspended from Mazarrón police force

Two police officers have been suspended without pay from the local police force in Mazarrón for alleging publicly that the Council has failed to collect large amounts due in fees and licences (for what purpose is not mentioned). No doubt some sanction is required for breaching the chain of command, but if what the two allege is accurate, and has been covered up ("extralimitación de sus deberes, desvelar detalles de su trabajo que deben mantenerse bajo secreto profesional y desobediencia a la autoridad" - a rough translation: "overstepping his duties, reveal details of his work that must be kept under secrecy and disobedience to authority."), then it seems to me that sunlight really is the best disinfectant. This statement implies that some fiscal matters affecting the public require to be kept confidential - why?

The basis of the suspension is that the two officers went outside the chain of command and flouted the hierarchy ("pecking-order"), it does not seem to suggest that the allegations made are in any way erroneous. Part of the report mentions that both these officers are union representatives; I am the last person (probably on earth, just my little joke) to speak up on behalf of a union, be it noted, however the way Mayor Ginés Campillo has expressed himself seems to me to be rather petulant: "nadie puede ir por libre, y mucho menos no reconocer el orden jerárquico del Ayuntamiento y no reconocer la figura del alcalde como primera autoridad. Tales conductas se materializan en estos expedientes." (A rough translation - "no one can go it alone, much less not recognize the pecking order of the City and not recognize the figure of the mayor as first authority. Such behaviors are embodied in these records.")

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