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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Valcárcel says he expects Corvera Airport will operate "in the early months of 2014."

The latest announcement from Murcia Region President Ramón Luis Valcárcel is that tendering for the contract for Corvera International Airport will open "immediately" (to replace Aeromur which saw its contract rescinded some months ago in a move that perhaps awaits legal challenge). According to Sr Valcárcel, the tendering process will be open to all who are "qualified" and he implied that this could include Aeromur. He further stated he expects that the tendering process to be resolved "before the end of the year" and that the airport will be operating "in the early months of 2014."

Whilst I hope that Sr Valcárcel's expectations are borne out by the reality I am, quite frankly, not holding my breath.

Illustrative of my scepticism are my two most recent articles on the topic:
- Valcárcel says Corvera Airport flights will begin "shortly" (5th September 2012);
- Could important announcements be coming soon about opening of Corvera Airport? (2nd December 2012).

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