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Monday, 9 September 2013

Driving directions to (the soon to open?) Murcia International Airport / Corvera

A few days ago I became aware that IATA (see * at end) had a few months ago allocated a standard 3-letter identifier code for the new (soon to open?) Murcia International Airport located near Corvera and that the code is to be RMU; there is no definite date when the new facility is scheduled to become operational, however, although the Murcia Region Government have announced that they expect it to open by Spring 2014 (my recent articles on the matter - 30th August 2013 and 15th August 2013).

In any case, ever the optimist, I have decided to publish driving directions to the new airport that I prepared in draft many months ago (perhaps eighteen), to add to those I have previously prepared for Alicante-Elche (ALC), Almería (LEI) and Murcia-San Javier (MJV). The new RMU airport is destined to replace MJV in due course. You can find directions between the new airport and the 'Urbanización' where my own Spanish holiday home is located here; the downloadable/printable .pdf for this route is here.

There is more information about the new airport in Wikipedia in two pages, one in English, the other in Español/Spanish and a skeleton airport website is here - note that all three are already somewhat out of date, given the latest information available, although none of this later information can be regarded as in any way definitive, whilst the formal opening of the airport is awaited.

You can find similar driving directions for all airports in the area in my website here.

(*) You can find out more about the role IATA plays here in its website.

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