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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Murcia Region uses unopened new airport in a publicity video

Either the new Murcia International Airport near Corvera really is going to open soon, or the Murcia Region tourism authority is peddling a 'false prospectus' in this video touting the advantages of Murcia as a tourism destination or for holding conferences, using the carefully non-specific formula of the voice-over talking about "Murcia Region, with its two airports with a traffic volume of more than two million annually", whilst showing photographs only of the non-operational Corvera Airport, not the operational Murcia-San Javier airport, which it is projected will close to allow Corvera to become operational. Such minor details don't seem to matter here!

- not to mention of course the current legal battle between the Murcia Region government and the former concessionaire of the new airport, which recently had its concession annulled by the authorities, with the 200 million Euros guarantee issued by the government to allow completion of the infrastructure still in limbo and with the Murcia Region government continuing to ask us to believe that a new concessionaire will be found very soon and further that this new concessionaire will be willing to take over this 200 million Euros liability and thus allow the government to take it off its books, so that the politicians can fulfil their pledge that the new airport will not cost the citizens of Murcia a penny. Call me cynical, but ...

Source: (LaOpinionDeMurcia) El Ayuntamiento ´estrena´ el aeropuerto de Corvera en un vídeo turístico

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