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Friday, 31 January 2014

Murcia Region government reverses itself on 'illegal' expropriation of Corvera from contractor Sacyr

I wrote here last August of my disgust at the manoeuvres of the Murcia Regional Government, which purported to demit Sacyr as concessionaire and developer of the projected Murcia Corvera Airport.

Now this illegal action has been reversed as a result of the harsh reality that the reckless machinations and promises of outgoing Murcia Region President Sr Ramón Luis Valcárcel have proved what I always believed them to be - just so much hot air! This gentleman is of course soon to 'exit stage left' from Murcia politics, hopeful of finding himself a new 'billet' on the EU gravy-train after the forthcoming European Parliament elections in May 2014.

Whether this welcome return to legality brings us any closer to the opening of the new airport at Corvera is anyone's guess. Recent reports I have read indicate there is still no firm commitment to close the currently-operating Murcia-San Javier airport and if this does not happen it seems unlikely that the new airport could ever have the remotest chance of becoming a viable operation. I read some time ago that the amount of compensation to be paid to AENA would be €59 million, instead of about €70 million, for having built the second runway at Murcia-San Javier and carrying out terminal improvements there, but I read subsequently that the portion of this to be paid by the Ministry of Defence (Murcia-San Javier being principally an air-training base for the Spanish Air Force) could not be paid in money as the military budget did not have sufficient spare cash to permit this and that they had proposed paying 'in kind' in the form of cession of land currently under military control - I have heard nothing more about this, so can only infer that AENA was just as unimpressed as I am by this proposed financing 'solution' - land is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it and it seems to me that if the military say they are strapped for cash to pay this compensation then they should assume the responsibility of off-loading their surplus land holdings for cash to be able to pay it, rather than trying to off-load it onto an apparently unwilling AENA.

I expect this saga to drag on for some time.

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