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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Toll motorway charges in Spain for 2014

(Please see UPDATE at the end)

Further to my brief article a few days ago, Aucosta have now updated their website with the revised toll charges for 2014 for the Cartagena-Vera section of the Ap-7 'autopista' (toll motorway) which as expected will rise by about 1.85%, so that for example the toll charge for the Mazarron to Cartagena sector (in either direction) will rise from €5.70 to €5.80.

You can download full details of the 2014 tariff for the AP-7 Cartagena-Vera sector from the Aucosta website by clicking on the link above - then click on "Peajes y Tarifas", then then "Tarifas" and finally "Cuadro tarifas peaje 2014" to see the relevant .pdf document (and you can click here to download the full tariff table).

Similalry you can visit various pages in my own Spanish website (click on "Location") to see toll fees for selected segments (for example here, here and here - scroll to the bottom of these pages) in a more readily-accessible format.

As for motorway toll charges for 2014 throughout the rest of Spain (at least those now supported by State subsidy, probably most I think), the Ministry of Development ('Fomento') website has not yet been updated and still shows the data for 2013, but probably in the next week or so these details will become known; you can visit the relevant page in the 'Fomento' website here if you are interested in monitoring when the new data is uploaded.

It is no part of my business to wonder at the wisdom of toll fees in Spain being raised most years, even though much of the network is little used, partly because people (mainly Spaniards) find the tolls too expensive specially when there are in many cases decent national roads or motorway standard toll-free 'autovias' close by, although I did write my brief analysis of this phenomenon in my equivalent article a year ago on this topic which sought to understand the rationale for these annual increases, for what it is worth.

UPDATE (Tuesday 6JAN2015 12.30 GMT) Please see my article dated 3rd January 2015, which gives information about motorway toll fees in Spain for 2015; these have mostly, with 5 exceptions, been frozen at the levels prevailing in 2014.

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