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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Exhibition of works by Domingo Valdivieso Y Henarejos in Mazarrón

There is currently (or soon - *) an exhibition of paintings by Mazarrón-born artist Domingo Valdivieso Y Henarejos (1830-1872), consisting of works works from public and private collections, as well as individual loans, of various subjects (religious, portraits, historical, mythological, also Murcian and Italian customs and dress).

The exhibition is being hosted by  Mazarrón Town Council at the Casas Consistoriales, next to the new Town Hall (Ayuntamiento).

There is a Wikipedia page for this artist (in Spanish) here, plus a briefer Wikipedia 'stub' in English here. For those who can visit, I am sure it would be an interesting and worthwhile experience.

(*) The linked article here does not specifically mention when the exhibition will open, but does mention that it will be open until Wednesday, 30th April 2014.

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