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Monday, 2 June 2014

The King is NOT dead, Long Live the King

This is my perhaps whimsical way of marking the announcement a short time ago that the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, has decided to abdicate, largely because of his failing health, in favour of his son Prince Felipe, Prince of Asturias.

The King, who is now 76, has been in failing health for some time, so his decision to abdicate is not entirely a surprise, although the recent travails of his daughter (Princess Cristina) and her husband have perhaps contributed both to his health problems and his lessening personal popularity amongst the Spanish people, although in general he has been extremely popular and his intervention during the attempted military coup of February 1981 is believed to have been a major factor in foiling it and cementing the post-Franco modern Spanish democracy we know today.

Crown Prince Felipe is the third of King Juan Carlos's three children, but the only male, so became heir apparent in accordance with Spanish law; he is 46 and has two children, both daughters, currently aged 8 and 7. I am not yet aware of how Crown Prince Felipe will be 'styled' once he ascends the throne.

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