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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Head of Police Narcotics Squad in Murcia arrested for drug trafficking

I rarely write in this blog any more about the sordid minutiae of corruption in Murcia Region and other parts of Spain; of late I generally mention this kind of incident in Twitter (there is an embedded feed of my tweets in the right column here), but this latest incident did startle me, although I must admit I am not enormously surprised.

It is being reported that the Head of the Narcotics Squad of the police in Murcia Region has been arrested on charges of drug trafficking, together with another Police official in Murcia and five other persons, suspected drug traffickers. The charges have been brought as a result of investigations by the Department of Internal Affairs (El Departamento de Asuntos Internos); it seems the accuseds' involvement is not related to the activities of the Police itself. Other details of the case are under a 'gag' ('bajo secreto de sumario') - probably equivalent to what would under English Law formerly have been called 'sub judice', since replaced by the Contempt of Court Act 1981 (specially Section 2 of the Act).

This really comes under the heading of: You couldn't make it up!

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