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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Pay your Mazarrón IBI by direct debit and get a 5% discount

Mazarrón Council are making it more straightforward to pay your IBI (local property tax) by offering a 5% discount to those putting in place or amending a direct debit on-line via its own official website (

Nobody likes paying taxes, but at least this makes it a little easier and there is a financial incentive, provided you sign-up by 30th April 2014. I have had a direct debit in place now for many years and apart from making sure there is sufficient in my account it is all handled automatically - very convenient and it means there is no risk of forgetfulness. To sign up on-line you need to have a recent bill to hand with the relevant references to input, or you can visit your bank to put the direct debit in place (this is what I did some years ago and wrote about it here, in case you are new to the area and unfamiliar with the procedure).

More details in a LaVerdad article here