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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Toll motorway charges in Spain for 2015

(Please see UPDATE at end)

The Ministry of Development ('Fomento') has [mostly] frozen motorway toll fees in Spain for 'autopistas' under its control for 2015 at the same levels as applied during 2014, the first time this has been done for five years. Full details are available in .pdf links for each toll motorway sector n the 'Fomento' website here.

The Aucosta website still shows a page labelled 2014 (* - see at end) for the Cartagena-Vera section of the Ap-7 'autopista' (toll motorway) but these tariffs will continue to apply during 2015, so that for example the toll charge for the Mazarron to Cartagena sector (in either direction) will remain €5.80.

You can download full details of the 2014/2015 tariff for the AP-7 Cartagena-Vera sector from the Aucosta website by clicking on the link above - then click on "Peajes y Tarifas", then then "Tarifas" and finally "Cuadro tarifas peaje 2014" to see the relevant .pdf document (and you can click here to download the full tariff table).

Similarly you can visit various pages in my own Spanish website (click on "Location") to see toll fees for selected segments (for example here, here and here - scroll to the bottom of these pages) in a more readily-accessible format.

It is I think a welcome development that the Government has frozen toll motorway tariffs; this may at least encourage a few more people to use the toll motorway network, to provide some probably badly-needed revenue to help to support essential expenditure.

The fact that toll fees for 2015 were [mostly] to be frozen at 2014-levels was first indicated in announcements published on around 8th December last, for example here, but more recent announcements have confirmed this decision, for example here; this latter link provides greater detail and in particular gives details of five exceptions where toll fees will in fact rise - the affected routes are:
- Santiago-Alto de Santo Domingo (increment of 0.51%);
- Alicante-Cartagena (increment of 1.01%) (if I have understood correctly, this will mean that the tariff for the La Zenia/Torrevieja-Cartagena section will be €2.05 for example);
- R3 Madrid-Arganda, R4 Madrid-Ocaña and R5 Madrid Navalcarnero (in all three cases the increment will be 1.96%).

* - the Aucosta tariff page has now (as at 27JAN2015) been updated to show 2015, but there are of course no changes to the actual tariff.

UPDATE (8AUG 2016 11.35 BST) For informaion, I wrote an article in December 2015, with details about toll-charges for 2016 and you can read it here.

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