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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Mazarrón to permit dog access to 3 beaches

Mazarron council has adopted in unanimity a resolution to permit dogs on 3 of its beaches. The 3 beaches concerned are:
- Moreras (between Castellar and Rambla de las Moreras);
- Gachero (between Rihuete and Alamillo);
- Covaticas.

This overturns a decision by the Region of Murcia taken in 1990 to prohibit dogs on all its beaches. The new resolution taken by Mazarron will permit dogs on these 3 beaches, at all times of the year, including the bathing season.

PS/ I hope there will be adequate bins for visitors to these beaches with their dogs to put dog waste into, and that people will be responsible and use them and not allow the beaches to become fouled and unpleasant for other users; I am somewhat sceptical. I can understand why Mazarron is experimenting with this initiative, but hope they do not "kill the goose that lays the golden egg" of their tourism industry, of which its fine beaches are a very important component - but I imagine Mazarron council think they have factored all this into their decision.

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