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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Local Politics in Mazarron - Camposol and District Independent Party (CDIP)

Prior to the last local elections in Spain, a new political grouping was formed in the Mazarron area of Murcia Region, designed largely to promote the interests of residents and owners in 'urbanisations' ('urban developments') nearby, specifically those at Camposol and the 'Country Club' ('Mazarron Country Club [MCC]'). Although I was obviously very interested in this development at the time, as a non-resident and a non-voter in the local elections (not registered on the 'padron') it was of only academic interest to me, given that my home at MCC is a 'holiday home'.

Through a friend and fellow-owner (also a resident) at MCC, I have just been made aware of the latest CDIP newsletter for November 2015 in which it is indicated they wish it to be circulated as widely as possible amongst interested parties, so I thought it might be useful to post a link to it here so that those who like me me are not [yet] members of CDIP, but own properties within the Mazarron municipality, and more specifically at Camposol or MCC and who happen to read my blog, might become aware of it. Accordingly, you can find the CDIP Newsletter for November 2015 by clicking here. (PS/ If you do not already have a .pdf reader installed, you can download a free piece of software from Adobe here to enable you to download the linked document.)

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