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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Briton arrested in Mazarrón under European Arrest Warrant

I wrote about this in my Facebook/Twitter pages a couple of days ago, but it probably merits mentioning in this blog too, unfortunately, as it touches on the area where my holiday home in Spain is located.

A Briton has been arrested in Mazarrón under a European Arrest Warrant. All that the linked article reveals is that the individual is 32 years old and was identified as being present at an "urbanisation in Mazarron" with his partner (wife?). He was apparently detained near his home. He is alleged to have a pending conviction "for crimes against persons, cultivation and trafficking of narcotics, damage and reckless driving, which together represent sentences totaling 27 years in prison".

It is usual in Spain for official reports, and subsequent press reports, not to give the full names of arrestees, although sometimes initials are mentioned, but in this case no identifying information has been provided. I have, since my original Facebook article was published, been made aware privately of more details of the origin of the individual who has been arrested, but as this is 'hearsay' do not include it here.

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