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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Toll motorway charges in Spain will fall on average a further 0.4% in 2017

(Please see UPDATE at end)

For the second year in a row, toll motorway charges in Spain, for toll motorways supported by the State (i.e. most of them), are destined to fall again, this time on average by about 0.4% according to media reports here (rtve website). Last year the tariffs between 2015 and 2016 were reduced by on average 0.6%, with the aim of increasing toll motorway usage - I write about this here in December 2015.

According to the figures released, during the ten months to October 2016 toll motorway traffic has increased by 5.65%, to 18,762 vehicles a day compared with the same period to October 2015, which at 17,759 vehicles per day was an increase of 6.38% over the ten months to October 2014. The further fall in toll fees is again as a result of the application of a formula for automatic annual toll fee adjustments agreed with the government in 2002.

As last year, there are no details yet of how this will affect specific sectors in the toll motorway network, usually such detailed information becomes available only during January of the following year, but given that the average tariff reduction is to be 0.4%, the monetary reduction will be small. For example for 2016 a 0.6% reduction compared with 2015 resulted in a reduction of €0.05 to €5.75 for a journey in either direction on the Cartagena to Mazarrón sector of the AP-7 and as this was already rather more than the notional 0.6% average reduction a year ago, I would imagine that for 2017 the tariff for this sector will either remain as it is now at €5.75, or perhaps reduce to €5.70, assuming that changes are to be in €0.05 steps for convenience in making change at toll booths, but we will only know this next week when the full details will presumably become available.

For reference, the current tariff for 2016 for the Cartagena to Vera sector of the AP-7 may be downloaded from the Aucosta website here (in .pdf format) and it is likely that this page will be updated to show the tariff for 2017 in due course, going by past experience.

NB/ It will be recalled that I wrote on 18th December 2016 about the plans announced by the Spanish government to "rescue" eight bankrupt motorways in the Spanish toll motorway network, one of which is the Cartagena to Vera sector of the AP-7 - this article may be viewed here.

UPDATE (Thursday 12JAN17 12.45 GMT) Full details of toll motorway tariffs for 2017 have now been published. As expected, most tariffs at least on the Cartagena-Vera part of the AP-7 remain effectively unchanged, although a few sectors will be very slightly cheaper (by €0.05) during 2017 than they were in 2016. You can see full details in various pages linked to from the Location page of my Spanish website, for example here and here (scroll to the bottom of both these pages, to see summary tariff information and links to more detailed information in the Aucosta website).

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