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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Murcia International Airport ("Corvera") - another promotional video for a "ghost airport"

Another promotional video for the future Murcia International Airport ("Corvera"), currently and for some years a completed "ghost" and some would say an expensive "white elephant". Time will tell if this project can ever have its mothballs taken off and it can start to operate.

Of course too, there is the question of compensation for those whose land was expropriated to build the airport, still unpaid almost 10 years after the land was seized, not to mention agreement on compensation for AENA for the upgrade work it carried out at nearby Murcia San Javier airport only a few years ago. Refinancing of the debt incurred to build it is also a major and recurrent concern for the modestly-populated Murcia Region.

I hope the new airport opens eventually, but I ceased to hold my breath about it some years ago. Anyway, here is the video:


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